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 States of play

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PostSubject: States of play   Mon Jul 25, 2011 11:31 pm

K first, why is this movie never was cote in movie review .. its a 2009 movie .. and its also a great movie with my russel !

Ok, been a while since i watched a movie with Ben Afleck in it, i miss ben since operation fish or w/e is name was. Or since he was sent to space.

Well wecome back ban you did a good job.

Then there is my russel with long heir who is playing the typical usa simple man that have huge sense of honor etc. Well at this point there is nothing really exeptionnal.

But the beauti of this movie take is roots in the plot. It leave me on my toes till the end.

I got really interest really quick and never stop watching it.

Politics + traitor + money + russel

gj casting, idk whos that old lady in it but god i love her.

Great movie !

i would say its a suspence without action.
i lose those


Review made by Maxime Giguere aka Master Kapkin the Great, from his appartment at 23:32 pm
ps: note that i used 2 english expression in this post, since am a pro at english now !

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States of play
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