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 Hello clan of nS!

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PostSubject: Hello clan of nS!   Fri Jul 13, 2012 9:22 am

the Fallen / Hika: if you want to check it, we got the Beta of the ESL mod running on guardian server now, and on this sunday the practice day will be decided, i will close the vote then, we have 11 of 14 votes, and those last 3 can vote till then, are just messed their chance XP
Water: what did they do
Water: stop timenudge?
the Fallen / Hika: they still work on that
the Fallen / Hika: but they have stuff like a command for players
the Fallen / Hika: to chack ratio, see all ratios at end of round in console, lockteams !!!!, pause the game when you are afk, your hp will be saved and the time that was paused will be added to the timelimit
the Fallen / Hika: also some option to check players esl_status
the Fallen / Hika: like the rconstatus thingy
the Fallen / Hika: and so on
the Fallen / Hika: and all current known crashfixes are in
the Fallen / Hika: the esl_checkserver
the Fallen / Hika: is leet
Water: nice
the Fallen / Hika: it tells ya if the server has an esl confirme cfg
the Fallen / Hika: if not, it shows every command that is off
the Fallen / Hika: and the default value you would need
the Fallen / Hika: that is a big help already i say
the Fallen / Hika: no server.cfg whoring
the Fallen / Hika: also xcept the allowed skins and hilts
Water: can i have it?
Water: the beta
Water: plz
the Fallen / Hika: all else is blocked
the Fallen / Hika: sure imma give ya the link
Water: kk
Water: so wait
Water: it protects serve
Water: server
Water: from getting rcon and shit through call vote
Water: ?
the Fallen / Hika: they have one thing being assets4.pk3 for windows, and a jampgamei386.so file for linux
the Fallen / Hika: for example
the Fallen / Hika: most callvote bugs are fixxed
the Fallen / Hika: no wait, in fact all as i just read XD
the Fallen / Hika: i had Ybe and myways on the server today, checking stuff
the Fallen / Hika: oh and the link is on the guardian page btw XD
the Fallen / Hika: http://guardian.forumieren.org/t49-esl-mod-installed
the Fallen / Hika: there you go
the Fallen / Hika: scroll down on the forum, and you see the download links, aswell as the discribtion link i posted seperately aswell, but all three links are on the forum link of esl mod aswell

To enable voting, or you can keep your server voting off, they just released this esl mod, i hear it is very neat, they took off almost every crash and bug, they also added where you can stop times for esl matches, and lock teams, this mod comes straight from esl.

Here is the actual link to it. http://www.esl.eu/eu/jkja/forum/388/393/1044664/?page=7
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Number of posts : 15
Age : 38
Location : Texas
Registration date : 2009-07-22

PostSubject: Re: Hello clan of nS!   Fri Jul 13, 2012 9:54 am

Just tested it, equivalent to jesus being born. Testing will be open on amplify if you guys wish to try it out, Some of the commands you can use are in /help or /info
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Hello clan of nS!
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