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 nS Clan Rules

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PostSubject: nS Clan Rules   Tue Sep 23, 2008 12:30 am

Here is a list of clan rules for members to abide by:

1. Be mature. Don't let people get to you that easily. We know there are people out there who take pleasure in annoying people. Even if someone is annoying you, try to be communicating in a respectable manner if posssible.

2. No tolerance for admin abusing guests or members. Even if the members are fine with it, it is not a good way to display how we act as a clan to other people who have no idea who we are. First impressions are key in life. I am pretty flexible on this rule, but if it happens too many times, admin rights will be suspended.

3. For ranks, members must put the nS tag at the front of their name (but they could alter the way it looks) and have their rank at the end of their name (also with variations in appearance). Members could also decide if they want to put their rank in their name or not. It is up to them to decide, but the rank will still be listed on the website.
Example: nS][playername-P

4. There can only be 1 Padawan for every Master in the clan. A Master can adopt a new padawan only once their current Padawan passes the Master trials. If capped, then recruitment is closed until a new spot opens up.

5. Also, only Jedi ranked members can take part in clan matches (i.e., Padawans and Trialists cannot).

That is pretty much all for now, but rules might be added later. Thanks.

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nS Clan Rules
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